Thursday, March 25, 2010

peppers, the red bell kind, and shrimp. And flowers.

This is a good app. For this, one needs:
- shrimp... or good big scallops. 2 per person.
- red bell pepper
- sweet onion, sliced, thick so they can be grilled and not fall apart
- a bbq
- garlic
- cayenne pepper
- cream
- arugula flowers--they are in season in spring, when arugula bolts. or, get a few leaves of arugula. or, another eatable flower.
- salt and pepper

rub the red bell pepper and onion slices with olive oil and salt and pepper. Char them on the bbq.

deseed the bell pepper and put in a blender with the garlic clove, pinch of cayenne. whirl that. then, drizzle in a touch of cream and season with salt and pepper. that's your sauce.

rub the shrimp or scallop with olive oil and salt and pepper. grill until opaque, taking care not to overcook or touch too much.

assemble. on a plate, make a pond of your sauce. over that, stack an onion, shrimp. then, sprinkle the flowers over the top and make it pretty. uh huh.