Monday, October 4, 2010

PENNE CARBONARA with peas, bacon, mint. a three-step deal

this is insane. a quick dinner. and it doesn't get chunky or curdled like some carbonaras.

first, fry bacon. set aside, and crumble.

second, make carbonara. in a bowl, beat 1 egg, then whisk in 7 tablespoons cream. season with salt and pepper. set aside.
third, cook pasta. for the last minute of cooking, throw a handful of frozen peas in the cooking water. fresh if you have them. they will get nice. drain the pasta and peas, keeping a cup of the cooking a serving bowl put pasta and peas. while the pasta is still hot, mix in carbonara sauce, then stir in the pasta water... the result should be a smooth, creamy sauce (with no cream). if it ends up chunky, the pasta was too hot. try again. stir in crumbled bacon, and rip the mint leaves over the top.