Friday, May 27, 2011

APP - albacore crudo with citrus dressing and grapefruit

this is a total rip off from Blue Ribbon Pizza in San Diego. you should still totally check this place out though--the ingredients are local and the food is amazing.

this recipe is presented as an appetizer, but it could easily be a main on a nice hot night. You can change anything here. but think of it as a fresh Mediterranean thing as opposed to an Asian thing.

first, get some albacore tuna. it's cheaper than blue or yellow fin, and works just fine for this since the tuna has dressing all over it. using a sharp knife, slice it so it looks like sashimi in a sushi joint. let it sit on the side.

for the rest:
  • segment a grapefruit for garnish.
  • get some greens for the bed. i used mustard greens, but arugula could work.
  • make the dressing of 1 lemon and 2 times as much olive oil. toss the fish in your dressing.
Assemble it all as seen in the photo. bam!