Tuesday, January 26, 2010

crab sans bibs & butter

hooray! crab! nice! by the end of this one, you'll have juice all over your hands and be the happiest little boy in the world.

This is like a Vietnamese crab thing. asia cooking rips as it's so easy, quick, and simple. just put it all together for a few minutes and it's done.

get some asian noodles as well, since they're good to soak up the juices.

1 Dungeness crab, parcooked and cleaned, claws removed, body cut in pieces
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 garlic cloves, minced
1 3-inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and cut into slivers
1 shallot, minced
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp sugar
2 tsp. soy sauce
1/2 tsp. ground black pepper
3 tbsp. rice cooking wine (shao hsing) or dry sherry
2 scallions, cut into 2-inch lengths
A good handful of fresh cilantro leaves


Clean the crab. If you don't know how, look online. It's easy. Messy, but no messier than cleaning a fish.

Heat the oil in a wok. Add the garlic, ginger and shallot and stir-fry until fragrant, about 15 seconds. Add the salt, sugar, soy sauce, black pepper, and crab and stir-fry until the crab is evenly coated and the meat is opaque. Add the wine and scallions and cook for 3 minutes. Transfer the crab to a bowl, garnish with the cilantro and serve with hot cooked Asian flour-based noodles.