Friday, January 15, 2010

Them Wangs

Throw your other wings out the f-in door. These are dry rubbed, then baked, then grilled.

First make bleu cheese for dipping:
1 cup bleu
1.5 cups mayo
6 tbs white wine vinegar
2 tbs sugar
.25 cups crea

Blend that. If you can, let it sit for a few days so it gets good.

- Get like 4 pounds of wings, wash them in water, and pat them dry with a towel. Throw towel away.
- Rub them wings with dry season of lots of chile powder and not so much of paprika, brown sugar, cayene, garlic salt, old bay, pepper, salt. Just toss them in a bowl with all this.
- in a baking dish (you need 2 minimum), rub it with a stick of butter to lube it up, and put 1/2 cup water each pan. Add dry rubbed wings to the pan.
- Bake those for 45 minutes at 350, covered with tin foil

- while that's going, make hot sauce in a sauce pan on the stove. Over a simmer, mix Store bought Franks, four tbs butter, scallion, and chives

- while that's simmering, also put 1 cup water, a grated jalepeno, garlic, thyme on a simmer

- Pull the wings out of the oven, and throw them on the grill for a few and char them a bit. While charring, baste them in the jalepeno liquid. Spicy!

- After charring, toss the wings in the buttery Franks. Done! Messy! Epic!