Friday, September 10, 2010

buffalo burgers... that's alliteration

have you seen it's heavy. you never want to eat mass made meats ever again. that's why last night we tried buffalo. was told it's sustainable, grass fed, delicious, and it impresses friends.(atin like a Sioux injun!) I believed the first two, and learned the last two for myself. here's how i did it:

grilled buffalo burgers--heirloom tomatoes, Gorgonzola, arugula, grilled onion, pickles, red pepper aoili, on toasted chiabatta.

things you need:
- ground buffalo. 1/3 lbs. per person, shapped into patties with your hands, seasoned with salt and pepper heavily. available at good stores or online.
- tomatoes. sliced. we used heirlooms for this because that's what we grew.
- gorgonzola cheese. sliced.
- arugula. again, because that's what we grew. the peppery flavor is nice. use garden greens maybe.
- onion. sliced. drizzled with olive oil.
- pickles. sliced.
- chiabatta. or some other bread of your choosing. a baguette cut to burger size would be super.

for red pepper aioli:
- red bell peppers. halved, deseeded.
- 1 egg yoke
- 2 clove garlic, smashed
- salt and pepper
- olive oil... sort of a lot
- lemon

first, make your red pepper aioli. drizzle peppers with oil, salt and pepper, and roast (@400) or grill (on high) until they're soft and black and delicious. while those are cooking, beat the egg yoke in a bowl. SLOWLY start to drizzle in oil. slowly add more and more, making sure oil and egg yoke are coming together smoothly. it will look more and more solid and fluffy. when it look/tastes like mayo but better, season with garlic, salt and pepper, and squeeze in half a lemon. taste and adjust. mince up the cooked red pepper and stir in, or whirl it all together in a processor.

Conversely, open a jar of mayo and stir in your red pepper. not as good, but quick.

then grill. light your grill, get it hot, and get onions grilled and soft and nearly black. move to side of grill. grill your bison burgers. DO NOT OVERCOOK. it gets dry easily. so as soon as you flip, put the cheese on and melt it.

toast your chiabatta, make your burgers, top with all the ingredients.