Thursday, September 30, 2010

tuna in a cup

go ahead and make this.

there are four parts to this amazing thing, so here's the recipe broken down in four parts, then combined at the end.

1. Wasabi mayo
mix wasabi and mayo in a bowl. if you want more spicy, add more wasabi. it you want more fat, add more mayo.

2. fried wonton crisp
this takes a little finesse. buy some wonton sheets from the store. get a fry pan hot. then add some vegetable oil. once the oil is hot, test one wonton sheet: drop it in the oil. it shouldn't burn outright (if it is turn down the heat), and also shouldn't be greasy upon removal (if it is turn up the heat). when you pull a good fried wonton out, it will be a little pliable at first then set to a nice golden crisp. so get a little bowl and use it as a form to make your wonton into a little cup to hold the tuna as you pull each fried wonton out. make sense? make about 4 per person and set aside on a towel to drain and cool.

3. tuna filling
in a bowl, mix chopped raw ahi tuna (1/3 lb per person), chopped chives, sesame seeds, two garlic cloves mashed to a paste, a squirt of rooster sauce (siracha or something?), a couple leaves of cilantro, a touch of sesame oil, a touch of soy sauce, and a squeeze of fresh lime right at the end (right at the end or else it will cook the fish and make it gray, not brilliant red).

4. avocado

on a plate, put a dollop (a lame word, but the best i can think of) of wasabi mayo for each wonton. put the cup on top of each dollop (the dollop is like glue keeping the wonton from tipping). spoon in fresh chunked avocado, a couple chunks per cup. on top of that, the tuna mixture. see photo.