Wednesday, December 29, 2010

BEET Salad

the shaved beet salad is the best, but here's another interesting beef salad... this one has the beets roasted, and you save the roasting juices for the dressing.
  • roast a few beets that have been rubbed with olive oil in a tin foil pouch at 350 for about an hour. remove from oven, let them cool. save the juice that ran into the bottom of the foil packet.
  • when beets are cool, rub the skin off. the skin should slippidy slide right off. cube the beets into bite size pieces.
  • make a dressing: mash some garlic, add some lemon juice, and drizzle in the beet juice as you mix. taste, season with salt and pepper, and add more olive oil as needed.
  • dress your beet cubes with dressing. toss.
  • put dressed beet cubes on a bed of greens. we used arugula. dress the greens beforehand if you'd like. we added some edible flowers and shaved fennel because we had it around. you can also sprinkle some shaved parm or goat cheese on top.