Wednesday, June 8, 2011


when i was a little kid it was so special to get these made for me. it's an Armenian recipe, well, i think it is because my mom was taught it by her Armenian babysitter. they're fun to make and a little messy, but well worth any effort.

first make your dough (See the recipe in the scan above). if you're lazy, you can use pre-made pizza dough from trader joes (just roll it out as think as you can). if you're lazier than lazy, you can also use tortillas or pitas.

roll out the dough into tortilla size rounds. or pancake size. or 6" size.

put a spoonful of the mean mixture (recipe above in scan) on each dough round. the mixture should be spread really really thin. arrange as many as you can on a baking sheet, and put in a 450* oven for 15 minutes. serve with lemon wedges and salt to sprinkle. these are pretty amazing: light and fresh and crisp.

make extras--they freeze really well. Reheat by wrapping in foil and popping in the oven.