Friday, April 16, 2010

egss benedict, but not. with green hollandaise and fried green tomatoes

with green goddess and fried green tomatoes

hollandaise can be real gross. especially outside in the sun. so, replace it. we tried green goddess (see recipes below), and left out the anchovies. sort of an herby-creamy thing. and a good eggs Benedict needs tomatoes, so i subbed in fried green tomatoes, mainly because our tomatoes weren't ripe yet and fried stuff tastes good.
Layer on a plate, in this order:
  1. two crustini or toast
  2. prosciutto
  3. fried green tomatoes--sliced green tomatoes, breaded (egg wash, breaded with corn meal), fried in oil until golded
  4. green hollandaise (see recipe, subtract anchovies)
  5. poached eggs
Heck yeah!